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Higher Plain Research & Education is a value driven practice supporting organisations to meet their aims through research, education, consultation & co-production, policy writing, supervision and training. We are passionate and believe in the power of education and evidence informed practice and have the expertise to support you to reach your goals whether they are personal, team, or organisational.

We are also experienced in working in a multi-stakeholder environment and so are happy to work in partnership with other organisations in research, education or training projects.

We provide support on a range of areas including:


  • Reflective Practice and Professional Development
  • Unconscious Bias and Cultural Competency
  • Policy and Practice Analysis & Writing
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Co-Production
  • Horizon Scanning & Systems Analysis
  • Research Project Management & Impact Assessment
  • Research Expertise including writing Literature Reviews, Reports, & innovative qualitative research methodologies
  • Reflective Supervision
  • Value and Human Focused Leadership
  • Anti-Oppressive Practice


I am an academic and community practitioner with over 25 years’ experience working alongside and supporting people in the community. In the last 15 years’ I have worked within the Higher Education sector specialising in youth and community work, education and desistance, reflective practice, and anti-oppressive practice whilst using inclusive research and engagement approaches to support his work.

I am currently working with partners in the Criminal Justice System through the Criminal Justice Board for Wales and in 2022 was the lead author for the new Anti-Racist Action plan for the Criminal Justice System in Wales. I am the Research, Policy, and Practice lead for the anti-racism action plan for the Criminal Justice Board in Wales.  I also work alongside partners in the Ministry of Justice, HMPPS, Youth Justice, Public Health Wales, Community projects, and the wider Higher Education sector exploring and better understanding a range of areas including; anti-racist practice, adult education, child and young people’s experiences, desistance and education, and developing public Criminology. The other work I am undertaking is exploring experiences and impact of services with a number of partners including Surfability CIC UK and Mr and Mrs Clark.

I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and professionally qualified youth and community practitioner. I am a member of the British Society of Criminology and the Social Research Association.

I started off my career as a youth worker supporting young people so that they could reach their full potential and I have undertaken a variety of roles within youth and community practice including; youth service manager, national charity director, and senior lecturer and programme lead in youth and community practice at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Previously I was Associate Professor in Education and head of department for adult learning at Swansea University. Whilst at Swansea University I was in the leadership team that developed equality and diversity and was the deputy director of race equality at Swansea University between 2017-2019 and Organisation and Culture lead for gender equality with Athena Swan from 2016-2018 accumulating in the university achieving a silver award in 2018, the first university in Wales to achieve this status. I was also a Director of Employability at Swansea University from 2016-2018.

In my spare time I am a passionate family person and so I can be found mostly with my family in the outdoors enjoying surfing, swimming, climbing, walking the hills and mountains, and exploring the beautiful Welsh landscape and further afield in our campervan Pedro.


Testimonies & Current Partners

Higher Plain Research & Education is currently working with:

●   The Criminal Justice Board for Wales

● Fully Dedicated

● Surfability UK CIC

● Mr & Mrs Clark

● HMPPS / Youth Justice

● Ministry of Justice

●   G4S UK

●   Professor Debbie Jones of Swansea University

●   CUBE Centre

●   Welsh Government

●   Clinks

Mark supports us as Co-founders of a youth organisation predominantly working with vulnerable young people, through reflective supervision. He is an effective listener, who is very non judgemental in his approach. Through our sessions, we found clarity, and the impact it continues to have on us has been game changing, personally and professionally.

Karen Carswell & Jake Henry

Chief Executive Officers & Founders , VIBE YOUTH CIC

Our experience of working with Mark from Higher Planes Research and Education has been overwhelmingly positive. The work covered sensitive and challenging social issues and Mark’s approach was always delivered in a sensitive, constructive and considered way. Mark uses his expertise presenting brilliantly researched evidence with integrity and personal authenticity, he is always inclusive, highly engaging and adaptable with the varying audiences. Mark has been able to extend meaningful reach, enabling genuine discussions and collaborations between different partner groups that have included all aspects of the Welsh Justice system alongside key Community leaders. Mark backs up his professional excellence with a sincere commitment that has enhances the value he has added throughout.

Mags Flanagan

Organisational Design & Development

Organisational Effectiveness, People Group


If you would like to start a discussion on working together or simply finding out more about what support we could offer then please contact us below


Mark Jones – Director 

Higher Plain Research & Education


T: +44 (0) 7967839933


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